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Practical Research: Dealing with Antisemitism in the School Context

The qualitative study “Dealing with Antisemitism in the School Context” is conducted by the Competence Centre for Prevention and Empowerment (ZWST). It examines the perspectives and practices of teachers, school administrators, and educational administrators with regard to antisemitism and discrimination at different schools. The study is being conducted in cooperation with the Thuringian Institute for Teacher Training, Curriculum Development and Media (ThILLM).

Group discussions and in-depth interviews with teachers are conducted on the methodological basis of qualitative social research, taking into account the following research questions:

  • What understanding of antisemitism do teachers bring to everyday school life?
  • What intervention practices and approaches do teachers use?
  • What approaches and methods could help teachers prevent and deal with (acute) incidents of antisemitism in schools?
  • What institutional frameworks and concepts for further education and training could support them?

The goal of the study is to analyse the needs of schools in dealing with antisemitism, taking into account the scope and structure of school as an institution. The perspective of teachers offers key insights into developing an overall strategy against antisemitism on the school, structural, and educational policy levels.

In conclusion, on the basis of empirical findings, recommendations for action and training concepts will be developed.

Target groups: teachers, schools

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