Teaching Material: “7 Paths. Jewish Biographies in Hamburg”

The teaching material “7 Paths. Jewish Biographies in Hamburg” presents the lives of seven Jewish people. Their biographies tell a story of self-assertion, commitment, reflection about themselves, their religion and identity. They reveal many different relationships to Judaism, reflecting the diversity of everyday Jewish life in Germany. Persecution and murder in the Holocaust and current antisemitism serve as important points of reference. The material focuses on individual dealing methods and personal strategies, but also on pain and loss.

The material, which is aimed at young people aged 14 and older, is designed for use in schools and educational institutions. It is suitable for use in antisemitism prevention work, as an introduction to German and Jewish history in the 20th and 21st centuries, as well as to Jewish religion, culture, and everyday life. Each biography has a different focus: from music to resistance, from educational work to flight. Each biography deals with the question of what it means to be Jewish. The second common ground is the experience of migration. All the protagonists left their country of birth – either voluntarily or involuntarily – and spent a part of their lives in Hamburg. Their lives have often not followed a straight line. The stories thus offer an opening to discuss identity, origins and belonging. The biographies also contain many references to everyday life: school, friendship, faith, migration, exclusion, music, dance and dedication are just a few of the themes that today’s young people will relate to from their own everyday lives.

Target groups: educational professionals who work with students aged 14 and older

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