Research Project “Discomfort with History? Dealing with the Reception History of National Socialism and Contemporary Antisemitism at Memorials and Historical Learning Sites”

Memorials and historical learning sites are increasingly faced with the task of making connections between the past and present. Resistance, right-wing tendencies, historical revisionist and antisemitic positions have the potential to render this task impossible. Memorial staff are increasingly expressing the need for further training in the field of antisemitism prevention and for support in critically examining how antisemitism is addressed in their work.

This qualitative study explores the needs and strategies for action as a response to increasingly visible antisemitism at memorials dealing with National Socialism. To this end, it conducts group discussions with educational staff and interviews with experts. In addition to the study implementation, the project offers professionals the opportunity to discuss their own experiences and practices in a group format and to exchange views on needs and strategies for action.

The research project, which began in 2020, is conducted by the Competence Centre for Prevention and Empowerment and is funded by the Foundation for Remembrance, Responsibility, Future as well as by the federal program “Living Democracy!”

Target groups: educators and memorial staff

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