Online Seminars, Training and Lectures

Within the framework of the Competence Network on Antisemitism, the network organizations are expanding their training programs in the field of antisemitism. Currently, more online seminars are being offered. They have distinct thematic focuses, which allows the subject to be approached from different angles.

KIgA: Training and Online Seminars

KIgA e.V. organizes various workshops and online educational resources for young people, teachers and educators on topics such as “Israel-related antisemitism/Middle East conflict”, “secondary antisemitism”, “conspiracy ideologies” and “the history of Jewish-Muslim relations”.

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Anne Frank Zentrum: Online Seminars & Training

The advanced training course “Antisemitism – History and Current Relevance” is offered as a classroom and online event. The training seminar examines the history and continuity of antisemitic stereotypes and the effects of antisemitism. Opportunities for pedagogical action will also be discussed.

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Educational Centre: Online Seminars and Lectures

The Anne Frank Educational Centre offers online seminars and lectures on antisemitism, focusing in particular on manifestations of hatred towards Jews on the political left and the current right, on conspiracy theories and the connection between antisemitism and gender.

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ACT: Education and Advisory Program on Dealing with Antisemitism

Antisemitism occurs as a social phenomenon in various social spaces, including schools. Open, violent acts of aggression against Jews increasingly overlap with more subtle forms of antisemitism that tend to manifest themselves in educational settings. Pedagogical training still overlooks the issue of current antisemitism. As cases of antisemitic discrimination and violence continue to rise, professionals are faced with the challenge of reacting competently to these incidents.

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Competence Centre for Prevention and Empowerment: Training Workshops and Online Services

For many years, the Competence Centre for Prevention and Empowerment and its interdisciplinary team have been developing innovative concepts for dealing with antisemitism and discrimination in educational and social fields of action. Schools, universities, clubs, associations, public administration institutions and other agencies can participate in our events or request analogue as well as digital training workshops at any time. The educational programs are continuously updated and adapted to current needs.

Target groups: Students, educators, teachers, pedagogues, media professionals

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