Within the Competence Network on Antisemitism, the partners offer complementary areas of expertise. The network offers numerous resources to people affected by antisemitism as well as to people active in the fields of education, politics, administration, and civil society who are working to prevent antisemitism. The organizations within the Competence Network on Antisemitism are working together to expand and further develop existing programs.


The analysis section of the Competence Network on Antisemitism focuses on the monitoring of antisemitic incidents and their statistical evaluation for politicians, media and civil society. The network partners also conduct practical research on antisemitism, which is used to develop recommendations for practical action.

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The Competence Network on Antisemitism offers an array of diverse educational resources. They include online seminars and training courses on antisemitism, teaching material, travelling exhibitions with special resources for young people and educators, event series, an online platform, and (international) networking measures.

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Advisory Services

The advisory services offered by the Competence Network on Antisemitism always include both an analytical as well as an educational component. They are aimed at individuals who are personally affected by antisemitism, who observe it, who want to position themselves against it and who want to be involved in its prevention.

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