The Counselling Centre OFEK e.V.

The counselling centre OFEK e.V. specializes in counselling and support following after anti-Semitic incidents. The OFEK team advises the people affected and their communities and also helps schools and other institutions deal with antisemitism and discrimination. OFEK, which maintains offices in Berlin, Hesse and Baden-Württemberg, can also be reached nationwide via its daily hotline. As a partner organization of the Competence Centre, OFEK also offers counselling within the Competence Network.

Services offered:

  • Counselling and psychosocial support following antisemitic incidents
  • Reinforcement through group counselling – also available in digital format, if desired
  • Advice on legal options in dealing with antisemitism
  • Referral for further counselling (e.g. psychotherapy)
  • Event-related counselling for Jewish communities, schools and other (advice-seeking) institutions

Additional services:

  • Coaching for children, adolescents and families who have experienced discrimination
  • Coaching, counselling and training workshops for schools and other educational institutions
  • Support in organisational development and crisis management
  • Case-related public relations work and process support, if desired

Counselling of adolescents and their families following incidents at school is an important focus of OFEK counselling. School inquiries can be sent at any time via email or the hotline.

Nationwide telephone hotline:
Monday 4pm – 6pm
Tuesday 10am – 12pm
Wednesday 12pm – 2pm
Thursday 10am – 12pm
Friday 12pm – 2pm
Tel: (+49) (0)30 610 80 458
Tel: (+49) (0)176 458 755 32

Personal counselling sessions by appointment
Requests can be sent at any time by email to:

Counselling and additional information available here: