Civil Society Registration Office for Antisemitic Incidents

The Federal Association RIAS aims to ensure a uniform nationwide civil society registration and documentation of antisemitic incidents by means of the reporting portal Local reporting offices currently exist in the federal states of Bavaria, Berlin, Brandenburg, Hanover and Schleswig-Holstein. Additional registration offices are scheduled to start their work shortly.

Within the framework of the Competence Network on Antisemitism, the RIAS federal association promotes the trust and willingness of Jewish people and those perceived as Jewish to take advantage of civil society reporting and support services. Close and continuous cooperation with the Central Council of Jews in Germany, the Jewish community’s regional associations and the Competence Centre for Prevention and Empowerment of the Central Welfare Office of Jews in Germany and other Jewish organizations is central to this objective. Similarly, continuous coordination with the existing advisory and support services of victim counselling, mobile counselling, and anti-discrimination counselling is central to the success of a gradually developing nationwide reporting and support network.

Target groups: people who have been affected by or witnessed antisemitic incidents.

Research and Information on Antisemitism – Nationwide Coordination (RIAS-BK)
Recherche- und Informationsstelle Antisemitismus – Bundesweite Koordination (RIAS-BK)
Bundesverband RIAS e.V.
Gleimstraße 31
10437 Berlin
Tel: 030  817 98 58 21