Advisory Services

The advisory services offered by the Competence Network on Antisemitism always include both an analytical as well as an educational component. They are aimed at individuals who are personally affected by antisemitism, who observe it, who want to position themselves against it and who want to be involved in its prevention.

ACT: Education and Advisory Program on Dealing with Antisemitism

Antisemitism occurs as a social phenomenon in various social spaces, including schools. Open, violent acts of aggression against Jews increasingly overlap with more subtle forms of antisemitism that tend to manifest themselves in educational settings. Pedagogical training still overlooks the issue of current antisemitism. As cases of antisemitic discrimination and violence continue to rise, professionals are faced with the challenge of reacting competently to these incidents.

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Advisory Service Against Antisemitic Hate Speech on the Internet

Resentment against Jews is often expressed in hate comments published online, especially on social media and in the comment section of news portals. The Anne Frank Educational Centre advises individuals and institutions that are affected by this, such as theatres, museums, municipal institutions, universities, or journalistic portals, and helps them develop strategies to deal with antisemitic comments.

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Civil Society Registration Office for Antisemitic Incidents

The Federal Association RIAS aims to ensure a uniform nationwide civil society registration and documentation of antisemitic incidents by means of the reporting portal Local reporting offices currently exist in the federal states of Bavaria, Berlin, Brandenburg, Hanover and Schleswig-Holstein. Additional registration offices are scheduled to start their work shortly.

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