Advanced Training on Teaching Material

Within the framework of the Competence Network on Antisemitism, more training courses are being offered on the teaching materials of the network organizations. Although the teaching materials are aimed at various target groups, they are designed primarily for young people.

Advanced Training Material: Antisemitism in Primary School

The handbook “Dealing with Antisemitism in Primary School” is presented in the advanced training/online seminars. The handbook connects the themes “Jewish life today”, “addressing the history of the Holocaust”, and “preventing antisemitic stereotypes”. It provides clear starting points and methods for engaging in educational work with primary school students.

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Teaching Material “7 Paths”

The teaching material “7 Paths. Jewish Biographies in Hamburg” offers a way to address the themes of antisemitism and the persecution of Jews during the Nazi era as well as the themes of migration, Jewish identity and resistance.

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Teaching Material for “Vanishing Points”

The teaching material “Vanishing Points. Moving Stories of Life between Europe and the Middle East” is presented in the context of (online) training courses. The material is used to test methods for teaching young people. It facilitates an examination of the complex history of the Middle East and also addresses the subjects of antisemitism, discrimination and migration.

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Teaching Material “Flight as a Part of Life”

The teaching material ” Flight as a Part of Life – Biographical Learning with Adolescents” is aimed at young people aged 14 and older and tells the stories of three refugees from the past and the present: Anne Frank from Germany, Hava from Kosovo and Marah from Syria. Teachers and educators are provided training on how to use the teaching material.

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Online Educational Platform “Thinking Differently”

“Thinking Differently. The online platform for antisemitism criticism and educational work” offers an up-to-date and low-threshold orientation to the topic. It provides background information, documents discourses, experiences and approaches, presents local contacts and provides educational material.

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Online Toolbox against Discrimination

“Stories that Move” is a toolbox against discrimination designed for young people. The online material follows a biographical and intersectional approach to dealing with antisemitism and other forms of discrimination. In advanced training courses, the teaching methods of the educational material are presented both for distance learning and classroom teaching.

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