Online Educational Platform “Thinking Differently

“Thinking Differently. The online platform for antisemitism criticism and educational work” offers an up-to-date and low-threshold orientation to the topic. It provides background information, documents discourses, experiences and approaches, presents local contacts and provides educational material.

The aim of the educational material for the online platform “Thinking Differently” is to identify the functionality and motives of secondary antisemitism, to address the social context in which debates about responsibility, national identity, and belonging take place, and to critically examine one’s own attitude as well as references to the Nazi past.

In the subject area “Middle East conflict”/Israel-related antisemitism”, the methods are designed to raise awareness of the complexity of the situation in Israel/Palestine and of the antisemitic patterns of interpretation typically associated with it. Light is shed on different perspectives and attention is drawn to efforts being made towards mutual rapprochement, compromise and peaceful coexistence.

The platform also addresses the characteristics, spread, dynamics and functionality of conspiracy ideologies. The aim is to use various methods to sensitise target groups to antisemitic attributions. Participants develop ways to respond adequately to conspiracy thinking in everyday situations and develop critical media competence.

The online platform “Thinking Differently” also provides background information and excerpts from debates on various facets of antisemitism, its historical development, and the various contexts in which it thrives.

Target groups: teachers, educators, civil society actors and interested individuals

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