KIgA: Training and Online Seminars

KIgA e.V. organizes various workshops and online educational resources for young people, teachers and educators on topics such as “Israel-related antisemitism/Middle East conflict”, “secondary antisemitism”, “conspiracy ideologies” and “the history of Jewish-Muslim relations”. For teachers, KIgA also provides educational material for use both in homeschooling or online teaching units.

Secondary antisemitism: The participants address issues concerning responsibility and remembrance, the social context in which debates about responsibility, national identity, and belonging take place. They critically examine their own attitudes as well as references to the Nazi past.

Israel-related antisemitism / “Middle East conflict”: The participants address the complexities of the situation in Israel/Palestine, taking into account different perspectives, global interconnections, and associated antisemitic patterns of interpretation.

Conspiracy ideologies: Participants become sensitized to the characteristics, spread, dynamics, and functionality of antisemitic conspiracy ideologies. They prepare methods to adequately deal with current conspiracy thinking in everyday situations and develop critical media competence.

History of Jewish-Muslim relations: Participants examine the interconnections and similarities shared by monotheistic religions, the history and diversity of Islam and Judaism, and selected biographies of Muslims who have spoken out against antisemitism, for humanity, and for interreligious dialogue.

In all training seminars and workshops, depending on the target group, participants develop possible courses of action and/or address educational responses to specific problem constellations.

Target groups: youth, teachers and educators

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